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Anthony Robbins Peak Performance Workshop in Central New Jersey!

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A splendid time was had by all at the Tony Robbins Workshop with Eli Wilhide that was held on January 5 at the Cookie Cottage. There were 20 people in attendance.

Eli Wilhide gave us a fantastic presentation on how our mindset prevents us from taking our businesses to the next level.  And of course, he told us a bit about the “Unleash The Power Within” event at the Meadowlands at the end of March.  There are only three of these in the world every year, and this one is an hour from here!

Looking forward to a great 2012!


An Anthony Robbins Peak Performance Workshop

Turning Action into Results!

What:  A powerful complimentary results workshop that will provide you with the same strategies, communications skills, and physiology used by the world’s top achievers to attain outstanding success and fulfillment.

Who:     New Jersey Cup of Coffee Networkers present Eli Wilhide, a Peak Performance Strategist and National Speaker from the Anthony Robbins Company.

 When:     Thursday January 5th 2012 @ 7:00 PM                

Where:    The Cookie Cottage, 3697A Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square NJ 08690


Core Benefits:

  • The 3 actions you absolutely must take to be successful under current market conditions

  • The 2 obstacles that are drastically limiting your sales and career right now and how to conquer them

  • One of the most powerful techniques ever taught for overcoming frustration and preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for success

  • How to earn more referrals; even from people who have said “no” to doing business with you

  • How to have balance in your life and increase your income at the same time

Who should attend: Those who desire to learn cutting edge tools that will help them overcome challenges and rapidly achieve their personal and professional goals.

Don’t Miss This Powerful Free Workshop!


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