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Feb 04 2014

Infographic: How To Get Arianna Huffington And Pete Cashmore On Your Marketing Team

painted bulb
Who wouldn’t like to have two powerhouses like that on your marketing staff?? Well, you are in luck. There’s no reason you can’t have them on your marketing team – for free! You can do this using content curation,  an increasingly popular content marketing strategy for social media professionals, brands, and other marketers. Buffer

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Nov 25 2011

The Games People Play

There are many advantages to having a Facebook page for your business. One is that because it is public content, it is indexed by Google, unlike the things that are posted on your profile inside Facebook’s “closed”system. Buffer

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Sep 18 2010

Who is Your Target Market?

So you need leads for your business. Who doesn’t? But the kind of lead you want depends on what kind of business you are in. For my business, the perfect referral is a small business or solopreneur who wants to go online and doesn’t quite know how, or is already online but doesn’t quite know …

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Feb 07 2010

Using Direct Mail to Build Your List

Direct Mail is another reasonably priced and effective marketing method. Just open up your yellow pages and start with the A’s. The best targets here are “mom and pop” small businesses. If you start calling on big chains, you will get caught up in corporate offices, proposals, phone tag games and voicemail systems. It’s best …

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